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terça-feira, 10 de junho de 2014

The GrandMaster (a Ving Tsun movie) - Special hangout with Darren Leung

The Hangout will be in english Only 
 on Wednesday, June 18º

 This hangout will be starting at  10:30 pm, U.S local Time  and 23:30 pm, Brazilian Local Time

 On Wednesday June 18º, we will have a special hangout talking about the movie The GrandMaster (a Ving Tsun Movie). This film was attended by Darren Leung, son of Master Duncan Leung ( Applied Wing Chun).
He'll tell us all a bit about the making of the film and his participation in it as well his father.

                                                             Sifu Darren Leung

Most recently, He was the main Ving Tsun( Wing Chun ) trainer for all of the main actors and key crew in the Oscar-nominated movie, The Grandmaster, while also consulting the director and stunt coordinator in key aspects of the story and editing, as well as fight scenes. This role required carefully tailoring an otherwise rigidly taught art to students with wildly varying physical abilities and language backgrounds.

You can access the Hangout by Leo Imamura's Google Plus or Youtube profile and send your questions via Twitter (# batepapoleoimamura).
You'll also be able to leave your questions in advance in this article's comments section.

We look forward to see everyone there!

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